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December 24, 2009

Registration FAQ

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Do I have to register on ColinLovesTractors in order to read the updates?

Yes, you do. We ask this because we publish personal information and would like to know who our supporters are.

How will you use the registration information?

We respect your privacy and will never sell or rent your information to anybody.

How will I get notified about new updates?

When you register for access to the site, you are automatically signed up to receive a notification email when we post new updates. You can change your preferences to receive updates only for specific categories.


I’d like to pick my own password

The registration process allows you to select your own password and allows you to change it later. You can easily change it or other registration information through the main registration page.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password yourself. You can also contact us to manually reset it, and then you can change it once you log on through the link on the main registration page.

I know my password but forgot my user id

Contact us for help. If you provide other information about yourself (i.e. email or name), we can send you your user id. The user id cannot be changed after the initial registration, and you can only register once under a particular email address. However, we can manually fix the problem if you let us know.

Please remove me from your database

Contact us for help. We’re sorry to see you go but are happy to oblige.

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