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March 29, 2016

The Fickle Boon of Uncertainty

Winter snuck by us, a few bouts of snow and frigid air between Christmas and Easter only mockingly reminiscent of winter last year, which came with a roar and didn’t budge, reluctantly giving way to spring. By contrast, even just at the turn of the New Year, spring felt close at hand. We were unfortunately fortunate enough to be away much of this disappointing winter; as skiers, we weren’t miss much back home while we skipped off to Hawaii and, not long after, the Bahamas to the resort Atlantis. During the latter trip and the visit to Camp Sunshine in Maine soon after, the shadow of the fateful MRI in Dallas tracked us. The cold invisible fingers of that news, the dreaded and relentless progression of disease, were impossible to shake off, even in the warmth of the blinding sun.


Playing in the sand at Atlantis


January 15, 2013

Fast Forward

First, I offer apologies for the unintentionally long silence. (From a technical standpoint, if anybody visited the site in the last few weeks and got a malware alert, Google was correct and I have fixed the website, so it is currently safe.) The very short synopsis is that Colin is doing great and his last trip to St. Jude in August went well. However, so much time has passed that we are literally back in Memphis and Colin is in his MRI, so this seems like the ultimate deadline to update for eight months of excitement and change. In Colin’s world, that is a lot of time. (more…)

February 22, 2012

Taking a Plunge

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Wow, we just got back from an amazing week at Camp Sunshine in Casco, Maine. It’s not just about the fun activities and plethora of friendly volunteers but the incredible sense of community and support. This is a place where the kids, patients and siblings alike, are embraced for who they are and encouraged in everything they do. By the same token, parents are able to come together and share their stories, fears, insights, and anything else that comes up. Dealing with life threatening illness has a tendency of beating up every member of the family, often in tiny, invisible increments. (more…)

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